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Q: Am I required to inform my insurance company about an automobile accident or can I attempt to handle the situation myself?

A: The majority of insurance companies require that you give prompt notice of any accident or loss. If a significant amount of time passes without the insurance company being notified, they may determine that they were prevented from conducting a full investigation into the accident and may have a legal basis for refusal to pay the full amount of any claim that is presented. In some instances, an insurance company may be legally permitted to deny the entire claim if the terms of the policy were not adhered to by the policy holder.

If you are not legally trained to handle liability claims, you may end up creating a large problem that would make it very difficult for your insurance company to settle the claim at a later date. Anything that you do, including giving a statement, without the involvement of your insurance company and/ or an attorney may give the company a legal basis for refusing to pay a portion or the entirety of a claim.  





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